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My Services

Below are the services I offer to my clients

Weight Loss

We offer weight loss programs as per the patients requirement

Diabetes Management Program

We offer diabetes management program to our patients

Online Cholesterol and Hypertension Management Plan

We offer diet to hypertension patients


Weight Gain

We offer weight gain programs as per the patients requirement

Diet for PCOD/PCOS and Thyroid

We offer diet for pcod,pcos and thyroid patients

Therapeutic Program for Specific Disorder

We offer diet for therapeutic program for specific disorder clients

If you are in immediate need to improve your health

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What My Clients Say

Below are few of testimonials of my clients

Lost 7kgs In 2.5 Months
Arifa Khan
Acheived Weightloss With PCOS Issue.
Nandini Sharma
Best Nutritionist Nausheen
Ayesha Maniar
Extremely Satisfied With Her Consultation
Upasana Makhal

Diet Consultation Pricing Plan

You can find the below details of the diet consultation offered

Basic Plan


/ month

  • 2 followups in a week for consultation
  • Duration of consultation will be 10-20 minutes
  • Connect with users with Phone Calls
  • Apart from Diet Consultation we provide users with Health Tips and Recipes
  • Apart from Meal Plan we also provide users with Physical Activity

I believe in affordable diet consultation suitable for everyone

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Mobile: +91 9420282132