Specially designed diets for people with Thyroid and PCOD. There is a MYTH attached to THYROID that “People with Thyroid cannot Lose Weight.” That is not so! I have had many clients who have sucessfully lost weight having Thyroid and PCOD. PCOD is a condition that women/girls of all age groups face. It is important to manage it at the earliest, so that a person can lead a healthy life.

Obesity is a major influencing factor in thyroid, PCOD. We need to work on improving your body metabolism. Giving a printed sheet of just do’s and don’ts and a scheduled diet without taking into consideration the person’s daily routine, likes, dislikes, habits, health issues such as gasses, acidity, waking up schedule, traveling etc, does not help. Every individual is different, so it is important to give a customized diet. Hence, the diet consult takes at least 40 min the first time you come or over the phone. After 15 days, a follow up is required. Besides that I am available on the phone and will recommend what choices to make when eating out. Feel free to ask queries.